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WPXI-TV Pittsburgh's Agents of Change: Melanie Marie Boyer, PMAHCC Director

17-Sep-2020 3:30 PM | Melanie Marie Boyer (Administrator)

PMAHCC Director, Melanie Marie Boyer has been named to WPXI-TV Pittsburgh's "Pittsburgh Get's Real" Advisory Board to act as an agent of change in leveling the playing field for underestimated groups to receive fair and equal opportunity, pay and media coverage.

She was featured in the recent segment "Local leaders say social injustice won’t change until we talk about it". Check out the full article and video HERE.

"Melanie Marie Boyer, the director of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said she can cite specific examples of implicit bias.

She told the story of a successful Latina woman who owns a tech company with Fortune 100 clients that rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars, but still can’t compete in a space for capital.

“When we look at the studies and we look at the numbers, there is no reason that 87% of all angel investing should go to white males,” Boyer said.

Things will only begin to change by having conversations about social justice and equity Boyer said.

“It starts with our children and teaching them about equality and that you know, you and I and the next person, all of our ideas are equal, and that we should all be given an equal opportunity to make the world a better place for everyone,” Boyer said."

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