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Volunteer Spotlight: Madison Franc, PMAHCC Intern & SRU Graduate

10-Jul-2019 3:52 PM | Melanie Marie Boyer (Administrator)


Madison Franc

"2019 PMAHCC Summer Intern Madison Franc does not miss a mark. No matter what you task her with, she tackles it with ease and delivers beyond expectation- no hand-holding necessary. Madison is both a hard and smart worker and would be an asset to any team! She is trust worthy and I am happy to now call her a friend."

- Melanie Marie Boyer- Director, PMAHCC

Ms. Franc is a Graduate of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelors Degree of Criminology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Professional Spanish. Madison has just entered the job market!

In college, Madison remained an honors student while working and remaining an active member on campus. She was a member of Black Action society and promoted diversity and inclusion on campus (and completed the PMAHCC Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program in May, 2019)

Ms. Franc considers her degree to be her greatest accomplishment. She is very appreciative of her education and won't stop at her bachelor's. Madison wants to dedicate her education and career to helping people that don't necessarily get the help they deserve. She also dreams of going to law school one day and potentially become a judge!

University/ Degree: 

Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania/Bachelors of Criminology/Criminal Justice with a minor in Professional Spanish

Favorite College Course: 

Inside-Out, it is new to Slippery Rock but an international course that is taught with 12 students from a university and 12 incarcerated men in a prison environment to discuss topics in Criminal Justice. 

Why did you choose this career path?

I like the diverse opportunity that comes with criminology and criminal justice. It allows you to impact more than just yourself and your family by opening up the possibility of helping others and future generations to come.   

What is your dream job?

At this particular moment I am trying to figure that out. I would like to be a judge or lawyer to help and defend people that may not always be able to defend themselves. Yet I would also like to work with juveniles and inform them of ways to increase their chances of success in the future by encouraging education and healthy living. In addition I’ve considered policy implementation, statistical research or also being a professor of criminal justice. I’ve considered a prison counselor or warden because of my recent experience. There are so many different paths you could take with this degree so I would say I am still in the process of discovering the job of my dreams. 

What sets you apart from other recent graduates (a skill or experience)?

The Inside-Out program has provided me with a unique experience of learning parts of the Criminal Justice system from the Inside, Out. The themes discussed and the people in this class helped me realize what I am capable of and the intelligence that I possess that initiated my go get it attitude. I am different for the better because of this experience and more driven than most. 

Tell us about a cultural experience you have had.

I’ve had a few cultural experiences but I would say the biggest one was coming to college. Just the general culture of college life is way different than living at home with your parents. More independence and freedom with decisions. People are being exposed to things they never have been before and you experience all types of backgrounds meshing together. It’s eye opening and something you learn to adapt to only with experience.

What is your Hispanic background?

My Hispanic background comes from my education of the language. I have been taking Spanish classes since 5th grade and learning about the language includes learning about the culture.  

How did you get involved with the Chamber?

Carmen, the chair of the chamber, spoke in a class of mine at Slippery Rock and talked about the Chamber so I got her contact information and reached out to see how I could volunteer and be a part of it and now here I am.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the hopes of a better future for myself and the world we live in.

Where do you see yourself in five years / ten years?

In five to ten years I see myself with a more solid career path and possibly my masters and doctorate degree. I hope to be somewhat established in the professional world and be a highly educated woman. I want to be someone that can make a difference and raise the voice of people that may not be heard as well as they should be. 

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is graduating from college, I am extremely grateful for my education. 

What do you like about volunteering for PMAHCC?

Everyone I have met so far is awesome and influential. They have so much to teach you and are more than willing to. In a month I have already learned so much about the Chamber and feel like I’m gaining crucial life skills. It’s been nothing but fantastic.

What do you like to do if your downtime?

In my downtime I like to read and try to teach myself new things. I recently got a keyboard piano and am in the process of becoming a musician, its going pretty average. 

Tell us one interesting thing about you:

I have extremely flexible toes. (Just Kidding) One interesting thing about me is kind of the opposite of interesting but I have never been on an airplane. That tends to surprise people.  

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