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January 2018 Newsletter (Part 3 - Volunteer Spotlight - Scholarships- News)

01-Feb-2019 6:03 PM | Melanie Marie Boyer (Administrator)
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Sean Manuel Malloy

If you have been to a PMAHCC event in the past year, you have met one of our most dedicated Sean Manuel Malloy! A recent Graduate of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelors Degree of Computing in Cybersecurity, Sean has just entered the job market.

In college, Sean spent a year studying abroad in Germany. The difference in thought, education, transportation, and other aspects of the local culture opened Sean's view to how important a cultural and traditional base is to holding together communities. While in Germany, in addition to speaking Spanish, Sean became fluent in German. His linguistic skills in addition to a deep understanding of new currency technologies and how they work in conjunction with cybersecurity, set him apart from others in his field.

Mr. Malloy considers his consistent volunteerism to be his greatest accomplishment. Not only does he volunteer regularly with PMAHCC but has made annual trips to volunteer at an orphanage in Guatemala. He said"I find the most motivation to work when the outcome produced will help someone.".

To read the entire interview with Sean check out ourVolunteer Spotlight Blog Post

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The Chamber is now accepting 2019 Scholarship Applications from Hispanic Students in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

For more information please visit OUR WEBSITE.

All applications must be submitted by April 30, 2019.

Donations to our Hispanic Student scholarship fund can be made anytime on our website. If you would like to donate now please click the "donate" photo above!

Golden Door Scholars provides scholarships for DACA students who wish to pursue a career in Computer Science, Tech, Engineering, or a related field. 
Eligible students may be currently enrolled in college pursuing an undergraduate degree, high school seniors or recent high school graduates.

Thank you Golden Door ScholarsForward 787 & Red Ventures


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The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting our members, promoting Latinx culture, the economic interest and prosperity of the Latinx community in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

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PMAHCC Small Business Member, Casa Brasil has been featured in both the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Restaurant Week 2019) and Next Pittsburgh this month!

"... unlike a Brazilian steakhouse that’s all about meat on a stick, Casa’s menu is a small assortment of appetizers, side dishes and entrees that highlight underrepresented regions of the South American country. Nearly all menu items are gluten-free and the main courses, which change periodically, can be made vegan-friendly or with beef or chicken."

-Next Pittsburgh

A Note From Casa San Jose: We all know the desperate conditions and challenges immigrants face at our border, and we know that some of our Amigos have already traveled down to the border or are planning on going soon. If you would like to join the effort, Mary Nell Cummings, a volunteer member of Casa's Emergency Response Team, and a Pittsburgh attorney and law professor, is coordinating arrangements. Please see the information below if you would like to join them.

If you are interested in volunteering at the border, please contact Mary Nell Cummings (

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) seeks your input to prioritize strategies which will help guide the way our region grows and invests now and in the future. You can provide your input, via our new MetroQuest survey, here, and through this link

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) and Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy have partnered to award scholarships to CHCI alumni pursuing master’s degrees at Heinz College. This unique opportunity provides emerging Latinx leaders with the financial support they need to access education that will advance them in their path towards careers in Public Policy and STEM.

Through the CHCI-Carnegie Mellon University partnership, qualified CHCI alumni will receive scholarships that cover a minimum of 30% of tuition per semester when enrolling in Heinz College’s master’s programs. The nationally acclaimed programs provide students with the analytics, technology, and policy skills necessary to solve complex societal problems in an increasingly connected world.

For more information Click Here

"Filling out applications is stressful to me. In addition to the tedium of filling out the same answers over and over again, I have an identity crisis every time I have to check one of the race boxes. As a person of multi-ethnic heritage – both white and Hispanic – I don’t know which box to check.

While it may seem like a trivial detail, it has actually caused me to ask some big questions. When an application does not allow me to check multiple boxes and asks me to choose between the specific options “White (not hispanic)” and “Hispanic (not white),” I have to choose between two equally important sides of my ethnic identity."

"According to the Pew Research Center, in the 2010 census, 97 percent of respondents who checked the box “some other race” were Hispanic, and 37 percent of all Hispanic respondents checked that box. In fact, in the past two censuses, the “some other race” category has become the third-largest race group. This data shows I am not alone in the confusion: Many people of Hispanic origin struggle to identify with the race options offered to them. 

Adding a more accurate race option for Hispanic people is a necessity. Pew Research indicates that two-thirds of Hispanic adults believe their Hispanic origin should be related to race, not just ethnicity. Since Hispanics are a significant percentage of the population, America should include all types of diversity." Read More

If one thing is clear as we start 2019, it's that America is changing. According to a Claritas report (registration required), in the United States today, there are 131 million multicultural Americans, making up 37.5% of the U.S. population, with Hispanics accounting for the largest portion at 19.6%.

Minority groups now represent the majority of the population in more than 400 U.S. counties. There can be no doubt that America is becoming multicultural and that Hispanics are a significant part of this change.

Newsletter By: Melanie Marie Boyer

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