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Standing in Solidarity with Tree of Life Synagogue

30-Oct-2018 11:46 AM | Anonymous

October 29, 2018

Through this communication, the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (“PMAHCC”), its constituent Board of Directors, and its membership at large, express the most sincere condolences and deepest sympathies to all those directly and indirectly affected by the recent acts of senseless, horrific violence perpetrated against the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Violence, in any of its harmful forms, has no place in our community, especially when directed against innocent human beings targeted because of their race, gender, religious beliefs, or any other personal identifier. Our organization, one of Pittsburgh’s largest and most diverse community engagement non-profits, will continue to cherish diversity and inclusion in our community, and our activities will always promote principles of respect and solidarity applicable to all.

The PMAHCC stands in solidarity with the Jewish community, the Tree of Life Synagogue, and our city as a whole. Additionally, we are grateful for the admirable courage demonstrated by the local law enforcement authorities and first responders that sacrificed their wellbeing amidst the gravest of dangers. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Pittsburgh was built, brick by brick, by a cohesive community of hard-working, honest immigrants, and it has evolved into one of the country’s most dynamic and resilient sectors. Acts of bigotry, hatred, and racism will not define or destroy us - they never have, they never will. As such, Pittsburghers will overcome this tragedy, and, through our collective resilience, we will prove that isolated acts of hatred cannot undo the bonds that have unified the Steel City together for centuries.

On behalf of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board.

Carmen O. Malloy

Chairman of the Board

Attached below is an official PDF version of this statement.

In Solidarity with Tree of Life Synagogue.pdf

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