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An interview with Norma Catherine “Cati” Bazán Arias. Senior Engineer at DiGioia, Gray & Associates ( .

27-Apr-2016 2:28 PM | Anonymous

Q. You recently won an award, tell us about that.

A. It was an honor to be awarded the 2015 Engineers' Society of Western Pennsylvania (ESWP) Engineer of the Year award. This recognition was made possible by two steadfast sources of inspiration: my parents, Norma and Enrique, and my colleagues through the years, particularly at DiGioia, Gray & Associates. The most valuable lessons bestowed have been: 1) Be a living example of the values that the civil engineering profession upholds, and 2) advocate for more students to become socially­engaged engineers. These are the engineers that understand society's needs and strive to maintain and develop the well­being of their communities and clients.

Q. H ow long have you been involved with the PMAHCC? How did you get involved?

A. I have been formally involved with the PMAHCC as a board member since 2015 but have known

several PMAHCC leaders dating back to 1999. It has been a pleasure and pride to see how far the PMAHCC has grown! Particularly in outreach to students and engagement with community leaders.

Q. What is your favorite thing about belonging to the PMAHCC?

A. The synergy! And the actions taken to carry through with enthusiasm and endurance the tasks required to complete the PMAHCC goals every year.

Q. W hat would you say to anyone thinking about joining the PMAHCC?

A. At some point in time in your career and professional development you must evaluate whether you

want to be a leader. This typically requires duties above and beyond the average professional's ­ investment of time, ideas and efforts beyond your required responsibilities. The PMAHCC is an organization that provides you the opportunity to work with other professionals in applying your skills, knowledge and experience towards common goals that benefit, in the end, your community. In leading this way, you will find you receive back multi­fold. Let your involvement establish your evaluation!

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